Dredge Pumps

ZJS100 Dredge Pump

The new ZJS100 dredge and jet pump is now entering production.

This is a 4" suction unit suitable for use on modern work class ROVs.

The unit benefits from the 14 years of experience built up from before the design and build of the first Zip Pump. In particular a new impeller design created as part of the AZ20 Suction Anchor Pump development gives a wide performance range with and without the simultaneous jetting capability selected.

The pump can both suction excavate and use the disruptor jet nozzle at the same time.

Part of the impeller design benefits from the pre-swirl inlet filter which also removes the need for a separate power water strainer.

Data Sheet ZJS100.

Design History of the Dredge Pumps.

Before the creation of the first ZipPump the standard practice was to build up ROV dredge pump systems which were comprised of separate components brought together in a skid. A typical dredge system is shown below. This particular unit was designed and manufactured by Submarine Technology Ltd and supplied to Ametek. Other skid systems were created by Genflo and Circle Offshore.

The Zip Pump which was conceived, designed and developed by R Q Martin of DeersHill Engineeering Ltd. was a radical departure from the current practice and produced a lightweight unitised pump system. The prototype Zip Pump is shown to the right.


Submarine Technology Ltd Dredge Skid System

Diagram of Submarine Technology Ltd Dredge Skid System





ZJS100 Dredge & Jet Pump



The Prototype ZipPump

The next Deershill development was the ZipJet which incorporated a water output port to allow jetting as well as suction operation.


The Original ZipJet


The Zip Jet was configured for use on the WROVs typical of the mid 90s. With limited hydraulic input power available from the ROVs the unit had to provide a choice of either suction dredging or jet disruption.

The Zip Jet design was further developed by Deershill Engineering Ltd to become the ZipJet Ultra.




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